Thursday, 7 December 2006

armand van helden - necessary evil

boys noize played stealth last saturday - and we unfortunately wernt able to be there to catch him:(

we were however lucky enough to see him smash up fabric earlier in the year - and one of the stand out tunes from his set was (the number one ali-g look-a-like) armand van helden's 'necessary evil'.

if you dont think you know it, anyone who has seen justice dj might remember a house tune which is pretty much just the sound of a saw and the standard 'boom boom boom'.....

quite simply - it rules.........

it originally which came out 8 years ago - on armand van helden's 1998 '2 future 4 u' album, but at the time slipped past most..........

available on i-tunes and all your other download sites..........
armand van helden - necessary evil

there are so many killer blogs about at the moment - but one in particular deserves more love! it is risky bizniz

who knows where it is all coming from but they have:

hijack - hijackin (herve's fuck fuck remix)

digitalism - jupiter room (erol alkan's re-edit)

every remix paul 'phones' epworth has done!

and millions of other amazing tunes for your listening pleasure - we would give you more information about the 'risky bizniz' crew - but due to our language limitations we cannot read most of the site :(

trashtalk - tank girl

sorry for the delay but its all been quite busy in dollop land!

the recent highlight was (dollop resident) d'lex's set with rex the dog at nottingham superclub stealth vs. rescued.

here is the tracklisting (for those who care?!?):

d'lex - set one: 11.30 - 1am

m83 - dont save us from the flames (superpitcher remix)
junior boys - in the morning (alex smoke remix)
riton & heidi - vejer (jesse rose remix)
gavin herlihy - machine ate my homework
mark haule - kicker
sebo k - horizons (exercise one's sleepless in san juan mix)
lcd soundsystem - tribulations (lindstrom remix)
andrew weatherall - you cant do disco without a strat
cassius - jack rock
claude von stroke - beware of the bird (justin martin remix)
the juan maclean - give me every little thing (cajmere remix)
the knife - silent shout (william's remix)
dangerous dan & nick van she - around the world again
mason - exceeder
***simian - we are your friends (acapella)***
panash - jack 2 jack (jesper dahlback remix)
mylo - paris 400 (etienne de crecy remix)
depeche mode - just can't get enough (dirty south remix)...........

**********then rex the dog (live)***********

d'lex - set two: 2.30-6am:

moby - go (trentmoller remix)
the knife - we share our mothers health (trentmoller remix)
spank rock - bump (switch remix)
awesome 3 - don't go
justice - waters of nazareth (erol alkan's durrr durrr durrrrrr re-edit)
the gossip - standing in the way of control (soulwax remix)
ettiene de crecy - fast track
***simian - never be alone (acapella)***
klaxons - gravitys rainbow (nightmoves remix)
fedde le grande - put your hands up for detroit (claude von stroke remix)
buy now - for sale
royksopp - what else is there? (trentmoller remix)
klaxons - magik (simian mobile disco remix)
robbie williams - lovelight (soulwax's 'ravelight' remix) (bliscoteque remix)
tiga - move my body (boys noize remix)
john dahlback - snowman
the sunshine underground - put you in your place (silent pony remix)
depeche mode - personal jesus (boys noize remix)
dj payroll - washing (up) machine
the freelance hellraiser - weightlessness (puzique remix)
dim - sysophis
boys noize - dont believe the hype (surkin's 2nd remix)
samantha fu - theme from discoteque
azzido da bass - dooms night (timo mass remix)
prodigy - smack my bitch up
modeselektor - kill bill vol. 3
digitalism - jupiter room
depeche mode - just cant get enough (dirty south remix)
trashtalk - tank girl
beyer & lenk (feat. tiga) - heartbreak
paul jacobs presents soul grabber - motocross madness
lemon8 - model 8 (lemon 8 remix)
audion - kisses
booka shade - mandarine girl
soulwax - e talking (nite version)
the undertones - teenage kicks

anyway - back to the blog! we will post up a few tunes played by d'lex which havent been getting the love (in blog land) they deserve!

first up is the absolute monster 'tank girl' by trashtalk.

trashtalk - tank girl

quite simply it out digatalisms digitalism - and sounded great on stealth's function one sound system.......

for more info check out:

please support the mysterious germans by buying the ep (also featuring remixes by misc. (kompakt) and hystereo (soma) - released on craft records. (available on )

Thursday, 23 November 2006

herve - see me (dubsided)

up next is the a-side on the forthcoming herve single on dave taylor's 'dubsided' records.

after sinden's dollop appearance a couple of months back, he was kind enough to giving the skull juice boys & myself a 2 hour listening session where as far as i remember one out of every two tunes had been produced by joshua harvey (herve).

the man must have so many tunes forthcoming its unreal - first off you have his 'herve' releases, then his 'speaker junk' / 'voodoo chilli' stuff with trevor loveys (including the massive 'look what you've done to me' - as remixed by the man mustapha 3000), a whole load of stuff (some with sinden) as 'the count of monte cristal', his 'young lovers' stuff (more 'mellow'), his 'tomorrow people' stuff (minimal), his bootlegs as 'speaker punks' and his MASSIVE 'f*ck f*uck' remix of 'hijack' by hijackin'!

herve - see me

buy dubsided releases from:

more info:

i was a cub scout - pink squares

as mentioned in a previous post justice will be playing at stealth vs rescued in nottingham on new years eve, and joining them on the bill are local boys 'i was a cub scout'.

this is the a-side on their new single which is out on the 27th of november - and i urge you all to go and buy it from

here is the video:

i was a cub scout - pink squares

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

the feeling - love it when you call (lo-fi fnk remix)

the feeling played nottingham last week, and the most exciting thing that came of this was finding out:

i) the bassist from the band is married to sophie ellis 'murder on the dance-floor' bextor


ii) my favourite swedes lo-fi fnk had remixed the feeling's 'love it when you call'.

i cant help with the first but here is this:

the feeling - love it when you call (lo-fi fnk remix)

buy this remix here:

if you havent checked out lo-fi fnk's album 'boylife' just f*cking go and buy it - IT IS AMAAAAAAAZING!

please check out their myspace: ........

buy their 'boylife' album here: moshi moshi

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

simian - never be alone

im sticking this up due to the version on other blogs having an annoying bit of silence about 5 seconds in.........

imagine the scene (a-la-breakwater).........

"hey mr dj, who has done this cool new live version of justice's 'we are your friends'??"

"yadda yadda yadda simian. yadda yadda yadda never be alone. yadda yadda yadda 2002......."

simian - never be alone

ps. i spoke to james ford from simian mobile disco at a houseparty a while back about getting the acapella of 'never be alone' - which he said wouldnt be a problem if he managed to find it on his computer?!?

the seperate parts of the tune were sent out as part of a remix competition (which justice lost?!?) so if anyone has the acapella pleeeeeeeease send it to me - i will love you forever......